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An update for the Hogs of War League ISOs & the Hogs of War Website has been released:

> Hogs of War League ISO File 1 has been updated, changes and patch notes include:


  • Larger high ground minefields removed, small minefields re-added

  • x3 Explosive barrels on island removed to make space for x3 new small buildings

  • Spawns adjusted, including removal of all pigs from poison island

  • Poison island Jetpack crate reduced usage from x3 to x2

  • Poison island Rocket Launcher crate replaced with x1 High Explosive crate

You Hillock

  • Jetpack crate position adjusted slightly to avoid first turn double collection

Route Canal

  • Madness Gas crate changed to x2 TNT

Pitch Invasion

  • Minefields not placed on the pitch have been removed

  • Health crates locked at 20HP


  • Low ground Spawn point adjusted to avoid first turn insta-kill zone


  • Weapon crates added: x2 Heavy Machine Gun, x2 Roller Grenades, x1 Poison Gas, x1 Poison Gas, x2 Rocket Launcher, x1 Healing Hands & x2 Medical Darts (drops on turn 10)

  • Health crates locked at 20HP


  • Spawns adjusted to avoid island insta-kill zone & high first turn water damage

Grassy Knolls

  • Weapon crates added: x2 Rocket Launcher, x2 Medical Balls, x1 Cluster grenade, x1 Suicide (equal placement on either side of the river)

  • Several starting spawns changed to avoid first turn high damage/grouping up

Frost Fight

  • Guided Missile crates set to x2 usage

  • 9 Rocket Launcher Weapon crates (all visible on low ground, original placed in a circle) have been moved & changed. These now contain: x1 Medical Dart, x1 Self Heal, x3 AP Mines, x2 Rifle Burst, x1 High Explosive Grenade, x1 Roller Grenade, x1 Airburst, x1 Suicide, x2 Mortar

  • x1 Jetpack crate changed to x1 Medical Ball

  • x3 Rocket Launcher crate changed to x1 Healing Hands

Chill Hill

  • x1 Freeze Gas crate replaced with x1 Self Heal

  • x1 Machine Gun crate changed to x1 Sword

  • x1 Machine Gun crate changed to x1 cattleprod

Pigs in Space

  • Map and spawns have been redone. Multiple spawns are now placed on top of Lunar buildings, including equal split of both teams having 1 pig placed up very high

Bridge the Gap

  • Metal walls have been added in each corner of the map on the low ground to provide small amount of defence against sniping

  • Lower spawns have been moved up to avoid first turn falls into the pit

> Hogs of War League ISO File 2 (New Maps) has been updated, changes and patch notes include:

Morning Glory

  • Several spawn adjustments to ensure teams are more mixed together & equally split across both sides of the map


  • x2 small minefields have been added, previous spawns positioned near these minefields have been adjusted


  • More mines have been placed along the outer edge of each island (watch ya step!)

Saustralia Stand-off

  • x4 Platforms added and spawns adjusted on top of these platforms

  • Health crate fixed and locked at 20HP

  • Pick Pocket crate replaced with x1 Suicide


  • Pick Pocket crates replaced with x1 Airburst crates

Barnyard Blitz

  • Extra walls added to avoid central wall jump skip

  • x2 Freeze Gas crates replaced with x2 Roller Grenade crates

  • x2 10HP Health crates removed

Hedgerow Warfare

  • 4 x1 High Explosive Grenade crates added across the map

  • Artillery position adjustment (both Artilleries are now in line with each other in the corners of one side of the map)


  • Low ground building made smaller

  • New building added in top corner of map

  • Weapon Crates added: x2 Medical Darts, x2 Homing Missile, x2 Rocket Launcher


  • Weapon Crates added: x3 Rifle Burst, x2 Heavy Machine Gun, x2 Flamethrower, x1 TNT

> Hogs of War League Page has been updated, changes and patch notes include:

  • Download to ISO has been updated (single download includes all three league ISO files)

  • Background and text colour updated

  • Info text updated

  • Map Pool List for 2023 updated

Further changes to the site will taking place within the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for upcoming updates! Good Luck to everyone taking part in the upcoming Grunt League!

22 years after its original release - who would have thought Hogs of War would be receiving new Multiplayer content! 25 new maps bring with them a whole host of exciting challenges and creative ways of causing complete mayhem against your opponent!

From snowy mountain ranges to Dusty Deserts - Day 2 of the Fortification Update brings with it the very best battlefields to satisfy the most bloodthirsty of Hogs out there! Oh and in case you wanted even more insanity, expect to see previously unused Multiplayer weaponry within pickup crates on these new maps! Click Here to check out Day 2!

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As Winter approaches, Major Grimly thought it would be a good idea to begin fortifying the Islands of Saustralasia. We can't blame him, after the Autumn offensives we've seen being launched by the foes within the Hogs of War League, its highlighted several areas of weakness in his army's defences!

Our spies have spotted several divisions of Combat Engineers being manoeuvred throughout the islands... he certainly means business!

Click to find out how he plans to overhaul the existing territory in his possession and change the way you play Hogs in Day 1 of the Fortification Update!

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