Over the past year the community has slowly but surely began to unpack the spaghetti monster that is Hogs of War. Why a spaghetti monster I hear you ask? Well because of the way the game is put together! Things were a lot different in the early 2000s when it came to game development, the Hogs Team didn't have the spacial luxuries on the PS1 that we come to expect in today's modern age. In amongst the game files you'll find some scary file extensions. MAD files, MAM files, POM files - to anyone who isn't a programmer these can be pretty confusing... especially when your only looking for some texture files. 


Here in the Hogs workshop you'll find the latest mods, tools and helpful nuggets of info/news to get you started on your journey into the crazy world of Hogs of War Modding. That includes cross platform items & mods (PSX & PC versions). So what are you waiting for? Take a look below!



Pins Mod v1.0.png

Pin's Mod v1.0 is where it all began. This mod features the usual 25 missions within the singleplayer campaign, however you'll find slightly harder enemy types, altered spawn positions and small details added to each mission. It may be pretty simple in comparison to the other versions, but it helps to show the progress of Pin's Mod. Oh and watch out for the large amount of randomised crates!

Pins Mod v2.0.png

Pin's Mod v2.0 tried to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor, however this time around there is a much larger influx of detail. With 24 brand new mission briefing screens, v2.0 goes out of its way to offer up a new singleplayer experience. With even harder enemies, solo only missions and some extra surprises along the way - you don't want to miss out playing this mod!

Pins Mod v3.0.png

For the first time ever - Pin's Mod v3.0 brings with it brand new maps, pig classes and extra details within the singleplayer campaign. With 14 new maps, along with some of the best multiplayer maps thrown into the campaign - v3.0 will test your might against the hardest enemies and situations. Do you have what it takes to make it through in one piece?


The latest instalment to the series - Pin's Mod 4.0 brings you yet another brand new, story driven singleplayer campaign. With even more new maps, missions and enemies - you won't want to miss it! The mod comes with additional cutscene videos, which tell of a new story involving all the teams as they fight their way through Saustralasia. Will you be able to defeat the Emperor and his evil Coalition? Download it now! 

Castor's Mod was actually one of the first mods released within the community for Hogs of War. Challenging would be an understatement when describing this mod. If you want to feel like the underdog with the possibility of having your pigs blown into small chunks of bacon throughout the singleplayer campaign then this is the mod for you. But I must warn you - this mod is not for the fainthearted!

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Bobby's Mod is a PC exclusive. Having only released back in May 2021 - this is the newest mod for the PC version that you'll find on Steam and GOG. Not much is currently known about the contents of this mod, however Bobby himself mentioned in his release video that there are plenty of twists and turns within the campaign he has put together. To install this mod - simple download and paste all the files into your 'Maps' folder within your Hogs of War directory.


Another addition to his PC exclusive series - Bobby's Mod v2.0 follows on from first instalment, this time around bringing with it a more refined structure in relation to difficulty, the inclusion of multiplayer only classes in singleplayer and weapon changes. You'll find an installation guide that comes with the download, check it out now!


T-Pose Final Textures.JPG






Although still in development, the official Hogs of War Map Editor promises to offer players the ability to fully customise existing and potentially new maps, with built in options to create new ISOs and launch them straight from the editor itself! The current program is still heavy WIP, however updates on its progress will be posted over on the Home page whenever applicable. Remember, this is the in-house map editor, so the Reheated team are using this bad boy as well! The map creator is also in development, however there is no news on it currently.


Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at the pigs, weapons and maps in Hogs of War? Well now you can! (click on any of the images to download each set of models). Textures are included, however you may need to use a 3D software such as 3DS Max or Maya to view/mess around with them. You'll find the textures for the pigs & weapons are all separated, and that is simply down to (once again) how Hogs was put together. Lots of little pieces.  

maxresdefault (2).jpg

In amongst the weapon models - you may even come across some unused content, including:

  • Shovel (used by the Engineer/Medic Class back when they had the build ability)

  • Walkie Talkie (originally held by the pig who called in Air Support)

  • Telescope (originally used by all classes to view the enemies position)




Its common knowledge in the community that the networking in the PC version of Hogs is a little bit broken. And when I say a little bit - I mean it just doesn't work. We've tried. Many times. Anyway - we did eventually stumble onto another way to play PS1 Hogs Multiplayer online through the use of two things: an emulator and Parsec. Now Parsec is an industry trusted tool that allows players to host any video game on their PC with friends. Players simply connect to another players computer, the host can allow those players to have controller/keyboard controls and thats pretty much it. As soon as you connect to a hosts computer - you can see their screen, which is where the emulator then comes in. The community tends to use ePSXe or Duckstation as their main emulator, both of which you will find linked below (click on images).



This piece of software allows players to use their PC to host games with friends. Players can use this in conjunction with a PS1 emulator to play the PSX version of hogs of war. Please note Parsec will not work with the PC version of Hogs that you find on Steam or GOG. The good news though is that Parsec is completely free to use!



For a time ePSXe was the community's primary PSX emulator, however that has changed in recent weeks in favour of Duckstation. This emulator is also free to use and offers up a simple method of getting all PS1 games running, including complete customisation of all video and audio settings. 


Duckstation is one of the newest emulators on the market, however thankfully this is another emulator that is free to use. Duckstation is superior to ePSXe when it comes to customisation, offering the player the ability to play Hogs in as high as 8K resolution. If you have a lower end PC - I'd recommend sticking with ePSXe.


If you are still having troubling understanding any of the software mentioned above - free feel to check out the tutorial below (please note the tutorial uses ePSXe as the main emulator). If you are still having issues - please join the hogs community discord server and we will help you get up and running! 


Below you'll find some of the earliest Hogs artwork created by Jon Taylor and Martyn Rotherham. There's also a test video showcasing some of the early motion capture animation the development team were using back in the day. These pieces date back to 1998.

01 art - commando.jpg
04 art - sniper.jpg
05 art - scout.jpg
02 art - Gunner.jpg
03 art - Engineer.jpg
Shot 2.jpg
Shot 1.jpg
Shot 4.jpg