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3 years can be a long time to wait. The world has changed a lot since 2019. The pandemic left it's mark on all of us, and the Reheated team were no exception. But as of yesterday evening, the Hogs community were finally treated to new gameplay, alongside the announcement of what our team has planned for the future. Following in the footsteps of Stone Sword Games, we can indeed confirm that Hogs of War Lardcore will be receiving its own Kickstarter to help raise funding for the project.

So why the name change? Why has it taken so long for any kind of update to be given? And when will the Kickstarter be coming out? In a lot of way, the time spent without any project update has made the Reheated name a little.. stale, shall we say. That's not to say that we, as a team, don't like it anymore, as ultimately we do intend to keep such a name for something else later on down the line (a DLC release name perhaps?). Our general consensus is that the Lardcore name is catchy, it plays on the words we know from the original game, and it rhymes! It has given us a fresh start of sorts, as the project looks to blossoms into its next phase of development. And with that development comes updates, as the intention going forward is to keep the community fully clued into our design process and ideas, while also taking as much feedback wherever possible!

From the very start it has been mentioned that there is a small team of people working on this official project, and that's partially the reason for the lack of updates. Everyone has been very busy within their own area of expertise, for instance our programmers have been refining the game engine and creating detail systems for all the maps, while our lead artist has been making some fantastic art & animation work, all of which we are all very excited to show you in future! In short - the focus has been on everything else surrounding the gameplay, so its only within the last two weeks that those elements have finally been brought together. One of the major benefits the Kickstarter can bring is funding to hire additional staff, which in turn can increase our output of work for you all to see! Not only that, but backers will be treated to a whole host of exciting rewards, the likes of which will be announced in due course. The same can be said for the official date the Kickstarter will go live, all of those detailed are currently being fine tuned behind the scenes, but as soon as we have everything ready - the community will be the first to know!

The future of Hogs of War Lardcore is looking very bright. The feedback we've received from the community has been extremely positive, and we intend to uphold our promise of being more engaged with all of you from here on out! Expect to see many more developer updates over on my channel, there is so much to show and so many ideas to discuss, we hope you can join us on this journey together! We hear you Hogs community, we're listening, thank you for being patient with us! Now raise those Rifles high, onwards and upwards lads! Forwarddddd March!

In case you missed the latest developer update - feel free to check it out here!

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An update for the Hogs of War Website has been released. The major changes include:

> Pinstripe's Mod v5.0: Nations Assault has been added to the Workshop

> Hogs of War League Rules have been adjusted, 'Pig Pool' format has been adopted in both Grunt & Pro League to moderate how players choose there lineups. You can see the full list for best of 3 and 5 matches over on the LEAGUE page

> Hogs of War League ISO has been updated, changes & patch notes include:

- Hedge Maze: x1 health crate position adjusted to help minimize first turn collection of two nearest health crates. Slight spawn point position change to prevent first turn out of bounds kill

- High and Dry: x1 health crate deleted, maximum of x4 health crates available on this map. All health crate positions adjusted onto tiny islands in water

- Pitch Invasion: x2 late spawning crates removed (max of x2 health and x2 weapon crates available on this map)

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The chaps are on the landing ground and ready to raise the flag! By order of the one and only Ian Stewart - Seven Squared have just released brand new Official Hogs of War merch! Go ahead, grab yourself a retro t-shirt or gaming sweatshirt! You won't want to invade Saustralasia without one!


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