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Hogs of War Update #7 Release [League 2023]

Updated: Feb 6

An update for the Hogs of War League ISOs & the Hogs of War Website has been released:

> Hogs of War League ISO File 1 has been updated, changes and patch notes include:


  • Larger high ground minefields removed, small minefields re-added

  • x3 Explosive barrels on island removed to make space for x3 new small buildings

  • Spawns adjusted, including removal of all pigs from poison island

  • Poison island Jetpack crate reduced usage from x3 to x2

  • Poison island Rocket Launcher crate replaced with x1 High Explosive crate

You Hillock

  • Jetpack crate position adjusted slightly to avoid first turn double collection

Route Canal

  • Madness Gas crate changed to x2 TNT

Pitch Invasion

  • Minefields not placed on the pitch have been removed

  • Health crates locked at 20HP


  • Low ground Spawn point adjusted to avoid first turn insta-kill zone


  • Weapon crates added: x2 Heavy Machine Gun, x2 Roller Grenades, x1 Poison Gas, x1 Poison Gas, x2 Rocket Launcher, x1 Healing Hands & x2 Medical Darts (drops on turn 10)

  • Health crates locked at 20HP


  • Spawns adjusted to avoid island insta-kill zone & high first turn water damage

Grassy Knolls

  • Weapon crates added: x2 Rocket Launcher, x2 Medical Balls, x1 Cluster grenade, x1 Suicide (equal placement on either side of the river)

  • Several starting spawns changed to avoid first turn high damage/grouping up

Frost Fight

  • Guided Missile crates set to x2 usage

  • 9 Rocket Launcher Weapon crates (all visible on low ground, original placed in a circle) have been moved & changed. These now contain: x1 Medical Dart, x1 Self Heal, x3 AP Mines, x2 Rifle Burst, x1 High Explosive Grenade, x1 Roller Grenade, x1 Airburst, x1 Suicide, x2 Mortar

  • x1 Jetpack crate changed to x1 Medical Ball

  • x3 Rocket Launcher crate changed to x1 Healing Hands

Chill Hill

  • x1 Freeze Gas crate replaced with x1 Self Heal

  • x1 Machine Gun crate changed to x1 Sword

  • x1 Machine Gun crate changed to x1 cattleprod

Pigs in Space

  • Map and spawns have been redone. Multiple spawns are now placed on top of Lunar buildings, including equal split of both teams having 1 pig placed up very high

Bridge the Gap

  • Metal walls have been added in each corner of the map on the low ground to provide small amount of defence against sniping

  • Lower spawns have been moved up to avoid first turn falls into the pit

> Hogs of War League ISO File 2 (New Maps) has been updated, changes and patch notes include:

Morning Glory

  • Several spawn adjustments to ensure teams are more mixed together & equally split across both sides of the map


  • x2 small minefields have been added, previous spawns positioned near these minefields have been adjusted


  • More mines have been placed along the outer edge of each island (watch ya step!)

Saustralia Stand-off

  • x4 Platforms added and spawns adjusted on top of these platforms

  • Health crate fixed and locked at 20HP

  • Pick Pocket crate replaced with x1 Suicide


  • Pick Pocket crates replaced with x1 Airburst crates

Barnyard Blitz

  • Extra walls added to avoid central wall jump skip

  • x2 Freeze Gas crates replaced with x2 Roller Grenade crates

  • x2 10HP Health crates removed

Hedgerow Warfare

  • 4 x1 High Explosive Grenade crates added across the map

  • Artillery position adjustment (both Artilleries are now in line with each other in the corners of one side of the map)


  • Low ground building made smaller

  • New building added in top corner of map

  • Weapon Crates added: x2 Medical Darts, x2 Homing Missile, x2 Rocket Launcher


  • Weapon Crates added: x3 Rifle Burst, x2 Heavy Machine Gun, x2 Flamethrower, x1 TNT

> Hogs of War League Page has been updated, changes and patch notes include:

  • Download to ISO has been updated (single download includes all three league ISO files)

  • Background and text colour updated

  • Info text updated

  • Map Pool List for 2023 updated

Further changes to the site will taking place within the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for upcoming updates! Good Luck to everyone taking part in the upcoming Grunt League!

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