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Bacon Flavoured Secrets


Much like the old Hogs flash games, the official comic was a highly kept secret and has been locked away in a vault somewhere in Sheffield. What I just said isn't true, but considering how obscure and unknown this piece of art was up until a few years ago - its hard to think otherwise! The fun doesn't stop there though, Stone Sword Games continued on the Comic trend with two brand new editions. You find everything below, including the community's very own Monthly Newsletter. Get reading Soldier!


Hogs of War Comics


Hogs of War Original Comic

October/November 2000


'Pig Tales' - By Stone Sword Games

June 2019

comic part 2.jpg

'Pig Tales Part 2' - By Stone Sword Games

Coming Soon, 2021

Monthly Squealer

February 2021.JPG

1st Edition - February 2021

March 2021.JPG

2nd Edition - March 2021

April 2021.JPG

3rd Edition - April 2021

May 2021.JPG

4th Edition - May 2021


5th Edition - June/July 2021


6th Edition - Aug/Sep 2021


7th Edition - Nov/Dec 2021

8th Edition - March/April 2022

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