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Boots On The Ground!

Now then! Sometimes its good to take stock of the amount of troops you have available before committing to a new offensive, so here at Hogs HQ we thought it best to do the same for Lardcore!

Looking back at the very beginning of the project - we can see a large percentage of that time was spent getting assets running on the new engine alongside PlayStation hardware. Our first prototype in 2019 saw the first ever pig model being attached to the game's character rig, but at this point it was less about how the game was looking, and more about how all the technical aspects were functioning during gameplay.

Fast forward to 2022 and we see the second prototype, this time with new textures, assets, cleaner animations, particle effects and a heavily detailed skybox. And this is where the project currently sits in the development timeline, the map of Mission 2's Routine Patrol has become a big melting pot for all the visual elements we're working on. For instance, the current pig models still have a long way to go in how they look, right now we feel they are too squishy and cute (don't worry, we took the communities thoughts on board here!), so you can look forward to seeing some of the new models in future!

In short, once the technical casserole is done cooking in the oven, it'll become much easier for us to distribute it across the rest of the game, rather than stretching ourselves too thin across 50+ maps.

There is a ton of development content coming your way very soon, so what we want to know in the meantime - is what do you want to see from us? Is there any part of our current development process you want to see or know more about? Let us know in the comments section over on our latest YouTube video, subscribe to the site for all future news/updates and feel free to email us on

A big thank you to the community for their continued support and patience with us, always know we are listening and that every viewer's ideas and thoughts are being taken in consideration & overall are very much appreciated!

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