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In the summer of 2020, myself, Castor and adb95 came together to create the very first competitive Hogs of War League. Season 1 saw 10 players battling it out to make it through to the Live Playoff Finals, which subsequently was broadcast live over on YouTube. In creating the league - we also established the ground rules for competitive play. A lot of the classes within Multiplayer aren't exactly balanced, so specific restrictions had to be in place when each match started. The first season was a big success, and our hope going forward is to continue this momentum going into future seasons, which we intend to bring you later this year. You can check out all the rules below, alongside the Hogs of War League YT Channel and Tournament page to catch up on all the matches from the first season!



> Matches will be played each week, with the exact date and time agreed upon by both players before hand. Fixtures must be played during the week they are scheduled for, if a match is unable to be played due to disagreement by players/being unable to decide on a date during that week then the match will be labelled as forfeit and neither player will receive any points, unless the forfeit was caused by an individual player

> All matches will be a best of 3 rounds, except for the Semi Final & Final which are best of 5

> If both players have won 1 round and it ends up going to round 3 & if all of both player's pigs die during round 3 - the match ends in a draw and both players are awarded 1 point to conclude the match

> At the end of the season, if any players are level on points and score difference - they will play a one off head to head, best of 3 match to determine who will take the higher position in the league table

> Players are allowed to use either version of Hogs ((PAL or NTSC). Players should decide amongst themselves which version they will be using during fixtures

> The host should make Save States as much as possible (preferably at the start of a new turn) in order to avoid game crashes. If the game does crash during play - the current game must be restarted, unless an earlier save state can be used that is agreed upon by both players

> The League tends to use ePSXe and Duckstation as its primary emulators when matches are played, however any emulator is allowed to be used during matches so long as it is agreed upon by both players before the match begins & as long as it does not provide any form of technical advantage to the player who is acting as both player and host at the time the match is being played

> If a player is hosting one of their own matches (when deciding team line ups on the roster screen) they have the option to hide the screen so as to not show their own lineup to their opponent, unless agreed upon beforehand by both players

> Players are allowed to pause the game if they are having internet/lag issues, it will be up to the players at the time of their match to discuss beforehand what measures they should take to deal with internet/lag issues. If issues persist - please contact a League Staff Member and we will assist where possible

> Abusive/offensive language towards other players (regardless if its over voice or text chat) will not be tolerated. Players who are found to be doing this will automatically be Disqualified from the league until further notice



> The team system for selecting lineups has been changed in the off season. Players can now choose from a pool of 18 pigs across best of 3 and 28 across best of 5.

The total pig pool for Bo3 matches is as follows:
- 1 grenadier
- 2 medics (max 1x round)
- 3 sappers (max 2x round)
- 4 paratroopers (max 2x round)
- 4 scouts
- 4 gunners

- The Total pig pool for best of 5 matches is as follows:
- 2 grenadier (max 1x round)
- 3 medics (max 1x round)
- 5 sappers (max 2x round)
- 7 paratroopers (max 2x round)
- 5 scouts
- 6 gunners

in Best of 5 games - you can play a medic and grenadier together ONLY ONCE throughout the match
> The player who goes first in Match 1 will take their first turn second in Match 2. Match 3 will be randomised on who goes first (if Bo5 - matches 3 and 4 will be rotated again, with match 5 then being randomised)

> The player who goes first in Round 1 will take their first turn second in Round 2. Round 3 will be randomised on who goes first

> Jumping on pigs heads to deal +1 damage is allowed

> The Flamethrower trick is not allowed

> Wall Climbing is not Allowed

> The Game Timer will be set to 30 seconds by default

> Health will be set to double with +1 pigs set, so matches will be 1v1, 5 pigs each

> Teams are allowed a maximum of x2 paratroopers, x1 Orderly, x1 Grenadier and x2 Sappers, all other classes in multiplayer have no limit

> If you do use an Orderly, they are only allowed to heal x1 per turn via the healing hands. All other methods of healing, such as via health & weapon crate drops are allowed and have no limit

> Maps that will not be in Rotation - Play Pen, Duvet Fun, Friendly Fire, Doomed, Cratermass, Moon Buttes, Island Hopper, Death Bowl and Death Valley 1. These maps have been switched and modded. The New Maps in their place are: High and Dry, Grassy Knolls, Upstream, Route Canal, Pdrag, Pitch Invasion, Canyon, Well, Well, Well, Hillbase and Over the Top


01 comp.jpg

[Click on the image above to access]

Looking to practice like the Pro Players do? Getting ready for one of our upcoming tournaments/leagues? Then you better check out our latest version of Competitive Hogs! We've swapped out some of the less balanced multiplayer maps for a couple of brand new and existing maps from both singleplayer & earlier versions of the game. Both the Pro and Grunt League will be using this version, further updates/changes will be added and mentioned via update posts on the home page. The currently map pool for both the Pro & Grunt League is: 


High and Dry (Swapped for Wasteland)

Grassy Knolls (Swapped for Duvet Fun, this is Mission 2's Map)

Pigs in Space


Pigin' Hell

Graveyard Shift



You Hillock

Upstream (Swapped for Death Bowl, this is Mission 1's Map)

Frost Fight

The Lake

Chill Hill

Square Off

One Way System

Ridge Back

Route Canal (Swapped for Island Hopper, this is an Unused Map)


Pitch Invasion (Swapped for Friendly Fire, this is an older version of the same Map)

Bridge the Gap

Canyon (Swapped for Porkchop Temple)

Well, Well, Well! (Swapped for Moon Buttes, this is Mission 25's Map)

Hedge Maze

Hillbase (Swapped for Headquarters)

Over the Top (Swapped for Hilltop)

Pdrag (Swapped for Death Valley, not included in this game version, contact discord mods to play)



The Grunt League aims to teach those players the ropes of comp Hogs. This League offers a larger time limit per turn, less class restrictions to the Pro League and a more chill approach to competitive Hogs of War. If you are interested in being apart of next seasons tournament then please contact me directly by clicking the link below or come join the Hogs of War Community Discord Server (discord is linked on the home page). In the meantime why not take a look at the structure of the grunt league & some of the rules that have already been established below:

> Game Timer set to 45 seconds

> x2 Paratroopers limit + all Pro League class rules

> only less experienced players play may join, i.e. no finalists/Pro players that participated in last years league/rankup

> Each match is best of 3. Winner gains 3 points on the leaderboard, loser gains none

> In case of a draw, each player is awarded 1 set. If the whole match ends in a tie both players gain one point on the leaderboard

> If head-to-head is also tied, set difference will be the decider

> If set difference is also tied, a single-set tiebreaker match will be held between the two players

> If more than two players access the tiebreaker match, they will play in a 3 (or 4) teams skirmish


uncle sam.jpg

Update - Registry for Season 2 of GL has closed. If you want to get involved for next season then please join the Hogs Community Discord (see homepage for link) and speak to our moderator team!

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