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Hogs of War Lardcore: Welcome to The War Effort!

Its officially zero hour! The Lardcore Socials are here! That's right, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Mastodon - we have them all! We understand how important communication is between the project and its community, so consider this a direct link to the front lines!

Our intention over the next few months is to bring the community into our nice and cosy development trench to show you all what it is exactly we have been & currently are working on. There is a lot of avenues to cover, and a lot more to come, but we are very eager to hear from fans and players on our approach to all areas of the remaster.

A Kickstarter is on the horizon, so the Hogs of War community is going to play a vital role, not just the future of Lardcore, but the future of the franchise as we know it! For those keen for more details - check out the newly revamped Lardcore Page, upon which you'll find the links to all our social media pages, as well as some extra goodies (as a token of our appreciation my dear hog!). Its time to enlist, get involved in the discussion and have a front row seat to the fireworks! Join us tomorrow evening over on our YouTube channel for the premiere of our introductory video, see you there soldier!

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