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It's no secret that our team behind the scenes have been incredibly busy, given our recent uptick in video content - this level of output is going to remain the same (if not increasing!) right up to the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign!

Despite not being announced yet, we can confirm that the exact dates and times for when the campaign will start & end are locked in! Such information will be released to the community over the coming weeks, but in short - the campaign is right around the corner! Our top hog scientists have been carefully engineering the necessary stretch goals and pledge tiers to help ensure that this campaign is to be a worthy investment, after all - we only get one shot at this!

In the build up to the start of the Kickstarter campaign, we've been sharing more of the development processes & ideas with the community. Uniform Etiquette discussed the possible inclusion of different hats and head-wear that would be unique to each team. Our aim here is to provide the player with a basic level of customisation for choosing hats (some being class specific, others viable across all pigs), while also keeping the hats themselves grounded in the military theme of the game. We don't want to get too swept away with the idea of cosmetics, after all they are going to remain secondary to the game tasks we have at hand, but its definitely something we feel could help enhance Lardcore in the long run!

Speaking of game tasks - in another one of our more recent videos we discussed the possible return of the Ace Class. In the original game this was one rank of pig that sat unused within the game files, but we hope to bring this hog back through Lardcore! The Ace was designed way back during the original development of Hogs of War, however it was shelved after the removal of flyable planes/aircraft. This class of pig was placed in-between the Hero and the Legend, boasting the same amount of health as the Hero (150HP) and a very similar arsenal of weaponry/abilities. So in Lardcore we intend to do one of two things with this class via the Kickstarter campaign:

  1. Basic > Include this rank of pig (in its current form) within enemy ranks in the singleplayer campaign (players will fight against the pig, but won't be able to access him via the promotion tree)

  2. Advanced > Adjustment of the existing promotion tree to include the Ace (so players will be able to upgrade to this class), while also overhauling their weaponry to become a unique class that differs from the Hero/Legend

Whichever level of inclusion will depend on which stretch goals can be achieved on the Kickstarter, however we remain very positive to the idea that this community can smash every goal put in front of them!

Elsewhere in the video 'Ham vs Machine', we revealed our first 3D model concepts for the vehicles in Hogs of War Lardcore, each offering up their own newly added details to help give further context to how these metal monsters work & how pigs get in and out of them! Take a look at our turnarounds below!


Default Health - 100HP

Weaponry - x3 Heavy Machine Guns, x3 Flamethrower


Default Health - 200HP

Weaponry - x3 Long Range Shells, x1 Mine Shell, x1 Poison Gas Shell, x1 F-Rain Shell, x1 Shock Shell, x1 Thousand Pound Shell


Default Health - 150HP

Weaponry - x1 Airburst, Infinite Bazooka


Default Health - 150HP

Weaponry - Infinite Bazooka, x1 Mortar


Default Health - 150HP

Weaponry - None

Of course from a gameplay perspective - pigs will still be able to jump into and out of these vehicles using the same 'press triangle' method as the original game, although it would be cool to have unique animations for this process that wouldn't impact the player's turn time!

And finally our latest release - 'Bacon, Bombs & Bayonets!', showcasing the first installment of our in game weapon models! The game's original models were certainly distinctive in design, however we hope to bring further detail and uniqueness as development progresses!

We've certainly got a little way to go before our models are finalised, especially when it comes to the more iconic weapons from the original (Jetpack, Shotgun, Flamethrower, Heavy Weapon models), but we hope we can maintain that sense of originality within our own art style as development progresses. The way we see it - Hogs of War Lardcore has to strike that perfect balance between grit, humour and colour. You have the one side of the original art style that was saturated, blending colour tones and emphasising this through the use of humour in the pigs themselves and the voice work. Then on the other side it encompassed a real world conflict that affected so many around the world, and that message is hammered home through the game's settings, models and general contents.

We hope to strike this balance within all the development work that is shown in future, and as always from myself and the team - we hope to see you all in the next video! A massive thank you to everyone who has gotten involved in the discussions across our development video series, the input we've had from the community has been incredibly helpful so keep those comments coming! Expect to see further development videos in the coming weeks, quickly followed by our Kickstarter Announcement Video, during which time the dates will be posted across our social media! See you then soldier!

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I say! we're in the big leagues now Lads! Seems the chaps over at Metro (who for our overseas friends are a major UK newspaper) have gotten wind of our new campaign into the Islands of Saustralasia!

[For those of you who may have missed it - you can read the interview here!]

Hogs of War Lardcore has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 2018. Since then we've managed to make it through a pandemic, with this past year effectively becoming the real starting point for the project; and we mean that in the sense of actively pushing out development content to the wider community online.

Speaking of which, our next batch of development videos hope to shed light on some of the changes in game that we're excited to show you! New lighting, different maps (that aren't just mission 2!) oh and who could forget - new updates to the pig models! We're also pleased to announce that the maps have been unmirrored and the OG minimap has returned, however for those of you standing on the parapet, you may have seen such an update already, as shown in this sneaky little video right here!

Ultimately our goal remains the same - to have the hogs of war community involved in every step of the way, and with the Kickstarter campaign on the horizon, there isn't a better time to get elbow deep into the trenches and make it known what you want to see within the remaster! Why not head on over to the comments of our latest Lardcore video and get involved in the discussion! Quick March!!

Members of the Press! For getting in touch regarding interviews/info about the project - you can email us at

An update for the Hogs of War League ISOs & the Hogs of War Website has been released:

Hogs of War League ISO File 1 has been updated, changes and patch notes include:

Route Canal

  • Minor spawn change on hill to avoid out of bounds kill area

Grassy Knolls

  • x2 Cluster Grenade crates replaced with Heavy Machine Gun crates

Frost Fight

  • Anti P-Mine crates replaced with regular mines

Hogs of War League ISO File 2 has been updated, changes and patch notes include:


  • x2 spawns moved away from out of bounds kill area

  • Anti P-Mine crate replaced with regular Mine crate


  • x2 building wall removed to ensure pigs can move back into playable area after moving out of bounds

Hedgerow Warfare

  • Attempted moving spawns further away from Artilleries

Dusty Ridge, Ravine, Railroad

  • Anti P-Mine crates replaced with regular Mine crates

Barnyard Blitz

  • All sections of metal wall set to be indestructible, failing that high amounts of additional health have been applied to each piece to ensure Niclas can't break it anymore

  • x2 Health crates removed from either side of the battlefield

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