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Hogs of War Lardcore Kickstarter is LIVE!

Calling all recruits! This is it! High Command have finally given the go ahead for a new offensive - the Lardcore Kickstarter Campaign is a Go!

So what can we expect from this Kickstarter? Well for starters, a ton of new and updated content via the incoming stretch goals! Remastered music, new cheat codes, an achievement system, rebalancing singleplayer with additional hard and 'IronHam' Modes - there is almost too much to unpack here! As you'd expect, the further down the stretch goal list you go, the bigger the rewards become. Unlocking the Italian Team for all releases of Lardcore, alongside the PC port & much bigger Online Multiplayer rewards (including an Online Competitive Hogs mode!) are some of the real juicy ones, but I'm sure your probably asking why Online Multiplayer is split between a 'basic' and 'advanced' stretch goal. Well if you take a look at where the PC port currently sits in the stretch goal list (£550K), the basic version of Online Multiplayer only takes us up to £300K, so this would only be for PS4 & PS5. Advanced Online Multiplayer at £600K would then see that work ported to PC, with additional bells and whistles for Multiplayer mode taking us past that point.

Of course it wouldn't be a real fight without some extra ammunition, and that's where our Pledge Tiers come in! Here you'll be finding an absolute bucket load of digital content, including Kickstarter Exclusive in game rewards! Up to 10 in game hats, 6 in game Backpacks and 3 different types of weapon skins are just some of the things you can find amount the 13 tiers on offer, not to mention a giant selection of additional non in-game digital rewards!

Alright, 'thats pretty cool' I hear you say as you gaze once more upon the exclusive 'Born to Grill' Helmet, but where's the physical merchandise? The answer to that requires a little more explanation. You see, a physical bundle reward is included, but only within our two highest pledge tiers. The reason for this is simply down to production costs - if we included physical rewards in any of the lower tiers then a much larger chunk of the total raised funds from this campaign would be needed specifically for that, and right now we'd prefer to priorities Lardcore's gameplay development over merchandise. However, we fully intend to launch an official Hogs of War Lardcore Store in future (Kickstarter success permitting!).

['Dev Corps' Physical merch bundle is comprised of a Lardcore t-shirt, mug and x2 posters!]

Don't forget, even if we manage to reach the highest listed stretch goal - we still have the Classified section to look forward to! These goals will encompass the much higher valued community requests, including new multiplayer game modes, class reworks, team creation & customisation to name just a few!

We are super excited to get the ball rolling on this next phase of development, this is our time to show the world that Hogs of War is still very much alive and kicking! You can find the campaign page right here, take a look for yourself at all the awesome rewards and get involved in the community discussions happening right now over on the campaign page! Week by week we'll be releasing War Report videos over on the Lardcore YouTube channel as we keep up with the campaign's progress, noting the stretch goals hit and ones still to come. As always a huge thank you to the community for the support they have shown us in the build up to this campaign, lets make history with this Kickstarter!

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