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Kickstarter Campaign Ends in Defeat - What Next for Lardcore?

Defeat can be a bitter pill to swallow, but for Hogs of War Lardcore this does not mean the end of development, if anything we are just getting started.

Now at this point, its obvious where our mistakes lay within this campaign, but at the time our thinking was to bring Lardcore up to scratch first, before then porting that work over with all its fancy bells and whistles included. Our costing and price-tags were steep, but they followed the same idea. What we should have done was led with the PC port from the get-go, rather than shooting ourselves in the foot by not having potential PC backers involved from the beginning. Ultimately, you live and you learn, and that's exactly what we intend to do moving forward with development!

So what exactly is the plan for Lardcore going forward? How can the project still continue without funding from the Kickstarter? And do those who backed the project still receive some kind of reward for such dedication to the cause?

For us as a team - its effectively business as usual. The ultimate goal of running a Kickstarter campaign was for it to help raise funding for the bigger parts of the project and to hire additional staff, but with that mission ending in defeat, it now falls onto our existing team to continue such work going forward. We are aware of & are looking into other methods of raising funds for the project, but the details on that information is strictly top secret soldier! Hogs of War Lardcore is still planned to release on PlayStation, but that doesn't rule out future workings for PC. If anything, this past campaign has proven that such a market cannot be ignored, so rest assured - we're keeping PC players in mind moving forward! When the new year roles around we'll also be looking to share a development timeline with the wider community, which will provide a breakdown of how development will flow going into 2024.

As a final thank you to everyone who previously backed, commented and generally got involved in our campaign, we'd like to gift you all a First-Aid Leaflet to help patch yourself up and soldier on, just as we are doing with Lardcore! (Printable version here). We still have a long way to go with this project, but we intend, as always, to keep the community fully involved every step of the way!

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