The chaps are on the landing ground and ready to raise the flag! By order of the one and only Ian Stewart - Seven Squared have just released brand new Official Hogs of War merch! Go ahead, grab yourself a retro t-shirt or gaming sweatshirt! You won't want to invade Saustralasia without one!

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We absolutely smashed it! 🐷🐷🐷

For the last three years the Hogs of War Rankup Charity event has continued to go from strength to strength, and that is all thanks to the community! Back in July our annual three day livestream saw the community come together to raise money for the British Red Cross to help support those in need in Ukraine. This year we managed to raise a grand total of £1056! (including all shirt sales).

The community's generosity has simply blown me away, in particular that of Hogsy and Evil who's combined individual donations helped to cover well over half of the original target! Since starting this event back in 2020, our community has managed to raise a total of £2085 for Charity! A big thank you to everyone who tuned in to support us over the course of those three days, we could not do this without you!

For those who may have missed the livestream back in July can check it out here, and to those who donated - I will be taking care of the raffle draw later next month so keep an eye in the community discord for that! Roll on Rankup 2023!

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An update for the Hogs of War Website has been released. The major changes include:

> Added New Page - 'Rankup'. Contains details on what the event is and what we plan on doing this year. Please note that the dates for this year's livestream are yet to be announced, however the Donation page is now Live! (You can find it here). Confirmed dates will be announced in the Hogs of War Community Discord

> COMIC Page has been updated, latest Monthly Squealer (March Edition) has been added and is available for download

> Hogs of War League page & ISO has been updated, changes & patch notes include:

> Grunt League information has been adjusted. Season 2 Playoffs will be taking place this weekend (18th & 19th June) so don't forget to tune in for the livestream on the HoWL YT Channel! For those interested in signing up for Season 3 of GL - please contact Discord Admin team to get involved!

> Multiple Spawns moved/altered across several maps, including Ridge Back, Skulduggery, Pigs in Space and Well Well Well

> Additional Spawned in health crates have been removed/adjusted on the maps Hillbase, Canyon and Pitch Invasion

Want to try out the league ISO that features new maps? Check out our LEAGUE Page for all the info!


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