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New Year - Fresh Start! Major Site Update #9 Release

Happy New Year to all Hog lovers out there! We've been busy over Hogmas revamping several pages (and adding new ones along the way!) here on the site.

As 2024 steams towards us, it seemed like the right time to make the weaker pages better for everyone, with the overall goal of making the site much easier to navigate, understand and gain access to. With that in mind, here are the patch notes!

Although nothing was entirely wrong about how the Workshop was structured, it had become a little confusing for some users to navigate and understand where the download links were for certain mods. So, you can now find all community mods neatly organised together. All future mods will be added & updated here!

Lets be honest, the previous Rankup page was... a bit of an eye sore. This page was in desperate need of some healing hands, so we kindly obliged. You'll now find a slick and simple page design with tidy information get to the point of what Rankup is and how you can ultimately get involved! Its also worth noting here that Hogs of War Rankup will be returning in 2024, the dates for which will be released in due course!

The page with perhaps the biggest reshuffle of content, the League page has been fully redesigned, with an entirely new Esports Jersey page to get your 2024 campaigns off to the flying start! All previously displayed information is now available via download, including the rules and maps currently in rotation. For those players look to have quick and easy access to the ELO rankings & league standings for any currently on-going event - you can find them here too!

The community have got big plans for 2024, and we hope it can be yet another successful year where our beloved game continues to grow and thrive. Wishing you all the very best for the new year, see you on the battlefield once again my dear hogs!

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