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The War Effort Made Front Page News!

I say! we're in the big leagues now Lads! Seems the chaps over at Metro (who for our overseas friends are a major UK newspaper) have gotten wind of our new campaign into the Islands of Saustralasia!

[For those of you who may have missed it - you can read the interview here!]

Hogs of War Lardcore has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in 2018. Since then we've managed to make it through a pandemic, with this past year effectively becoming the real starting point for the project; and we mean that in the sense of actively pushing out development content to the wider community online.

Speaking of which, our next batch of development videos hope to shed light on some of the changes in game that we're excited to show you! New lighting, different maps (that aren't just mission 2!) oh and who could forget - new updates to the pig models! We're also pleased to announce that the maps have been unmirrored and the OG minimap has returned, however for those of you standing on the parapet, you may have seen such an update already, as shown in this sneaky little video right here!

Ultimately our goal remains the same - to have the hogs of war community involved in every step of the way, and with the Kickstarter campaign on the horizon, there isn't a better time to get elbow deep into the trenches and make it known what you want to see within the remaster! Why not head on over to the comments of our latest Lardcore video and get involved in the discussion! Quick March!!

Members of the Press! For getting in touch regarding interviews/info about the project - you can email us at

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