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Another Successful Year for Rankup

Its been another fantastic year for this Community Charity Event. Rankup 2021 brought in some fresh little hogs to compete in their first major tournament, and it certainly did not disappoint! Of course what is Rankup without some kind of technical issue along the way? Thankfully this time around we were much more prepared for the worst, lets just hope that going forward we can eventually have a tournament that has no issues for any of the participants.

This years format saw changes to the amount of days the event ran for as well as the content that was shown. The first day was pretty chill, focusing more on the community side of things rather than kicking off immediately with a tournament. And I think overall it went down pretty well.

Day 2 and 3 saw the tournament broadcast on both the League Channel and my own, which in the long run really helped us get through all the designated matches. And what great matches they were! The community really rallied behind the participants and showed their amazing support in chat & via donations (big thank you again to Hogsy and Herpderp for their very large contributions!).

So what next for Rankup? How do we top this year going into the next? Well the tournament is always going to be a thing, if anything the Rankup tournament tends to act as a testing ground for us to see if new elements can be added into the Hogs League. The new changes we have made and intend to make to existing maps and classes in competitive Hogs is only going to continue and get better. We have a lot of ideas we want to implement, but for now its just a question of time. In total this year the community raised £702 for the Human Relief Foundation, which in combination with our total from last year - we have raised over £1000 in the first two years of this event. At this point the question is more what can't we achieve? How far can we go? This community is awesome. I'm proud of all of you!

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