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Runners at the Ready! Grand Prix Time!

It's that time of year once again! This time the elite speedrunners within the Hogs community will be battling it out across the island of Trotsville to see who can bring home that 1st place finish! The community has managed two previously successful GPs on Hogshead and Saustralia, with Candyman and adb95 taking the wins there respectively.

You can expect to see them both and a whole host of other runners taking part in the Grand Finals this year, however this time around the livestream for the Final will take place over on the Hogs of War League Channel on the 3rd March, so feel free to tune in! Want to get involved in future GPs or the Hogs Speedrunning scene? Check out the Hogs of War section of the official speedrun website, link below! Good luck to all runners in this years GP, its gonna be a blast!

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