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Rifles at the Ready!

Its time to pull back on that bolt action rifle and watch the bacon fly as the Grunt League kicks off this week! From Finland to Scotland, to Ukraine and Italy - this new league brings with it 12 participants from across the globe who must do battle to decide which recruit will be taking home the Bacon.. in this case bragging rights!

You will of course notice some familiar faces from last seasons Pro League and even Rankup 2021, but the question on everyone's mind is - who will come out as top hog? This time around we're seeing a new tournament format, whereby players are separated into three groups of four, which from an organisational standpoint is a lot more efficient in the long run. The 1st Season of the Pro League lasted for 9 weeks... and thats without even factoring in the Playoffs! No, this time around the entire Grunt League will last 3 to 4 weeks, with the top two players from each group making it through to the Playoff Finals after Week 3.

So what separates the Grunt League from the Pros? Well to start with the game timer is set to 45 seconds. It may not sound like much, but that exact 15 seconds allows for a much slower and ultimately easier method of play. Using your time well is key in competitive, and I'm very interested to see which of the new Grunt League recruits will hit the ground running and which will be perhaps a little more timid in their approach. This league is also implementing the limitation of x2 Paratroopers, which in turn will also be used in the Pro League later on in September. Jetpacks can be an incredibly powerful ability, not just in relation to maneuvering yourself around the battlefield but in dealing damage to your opponent. In a similar fashion to what the TNT is to the Sapper, the Paratrooper can rely on the Jetpack an awful lot, to the point where it starts to feel a little unbalanced. But thats only when it comes to the quantity of Paratroopers on one team. All other class restrictions from the Pro League also apply here, so we can expect to see the usual limitations on Orderlys and Grenadiers as well.

Over the course of the next month the Hogs League channel is going to be completely full of all of the upcoming matches. As we have done in the past - all matches will be uploaded & accompanied by commentary from community members, including the likes of myself, Castor, adb95, Fab, Axby94, Crumble and Herpderp. You can stay up to date with all the matches and the current standing of each group via the links below to the Hogs of War League channel and the Tournament page. Don't forget, for all your map lovers out there - you can check and even play all the maps being used in the Grunt League, simply head on over League section of this site to take a look! Good luck to all participants, enjoy yourselves and I'll see you all on the battlefield!

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